Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long Time No Talk....

Well, it has been almost 5 months since I last blogged. Wow, how did that happen!?! I guess we got busy, busy, busy....but, now I am on bed rest so I guess I have some time.
Anyway, here are some highlights from that past couple of months:

In December, we traveled to Virginia to visit Brian's family. We were hoping to see snow, but it didn't happen :( Well, I take that back, we saw flurries. Not much but enough for Savannah to try and catch flakes on her tongue.

January we celebrated Brian's birthday. Happy Birthday Brian! Also, we (OK, Brian, my dad, my mom, my brother Guy and a friend, Will) tore out the carpet in Savannah and the nursery and laid down laminate flooring. They did a wonderful job!

February brought Savannah's 5th birthday! I cannot believe how big she is getting. She is so excited about becoming a big sister. She now has a "big sister" bed and new furniture in her room. She loves her "princess bed". A group of my friends from our old playgroup hosted a joint shower for myself and another friend. It was nice to get out with the girls!

We did a lot of running around in March, but nothing too noteworthy :)

In April my mom gave me a baby shower! Many friends and family came from all over to help celebrate the upcoming event! My WOW friends from church also had a shower for me. How blessed I am to have do many good friends and a wonderful family! Savannah also got to take part in a "Becoming a Big Sister" class. She loved learning how to hold, feed, burp and diaper a baby. She also got to make a gift for Taylor. We went with friends to an Easter Egg hunt at UCF. Savannah enjoyed running around finding as many eggs as possible. Brian played a total of 5 services the weekend of Easter! He was beat, but he enjoyed it. We celebrated Easter at my parents where Savannah got to enjoy another Easter egg hunt. The bunny was good to her and she has been enjoying her craft projects and toys ever since. Oh, and Savannah is officially registered for Kindergarten! Can you believe it is already time for my little baby girl to start Elementary school!?! Although, she is VERY ready!

So now we are at May. At my appointment on Monday my blood pressure was high for the first time which lead to my doctor sending me to the hospital. After over four hours of sitting around, having my BP taken, blood drawn, and baby monitored, they sent me home with orders to sit, sit, sit. Bed rest, or more like house arrest. I can get up and move around for food, shower and bathroom but have to be sitting at all other times. No lifting, cooking, cleaning...nothing. So, here I sit until Taylor makes her entrance. I am predicting sometime next week. My dad thinks this upcoming weekend. And my friends are picking dates on Facebook :) Anywhere between the 12 and the 20. Oh, I should mention that all the tests they ran came back completely normal but they still feel I should slow down. So, hope all is well with you and look for updates on when Taylor is born!


4 Is More said...

What cute pictures! I love Savannah's Easter dress.

I am really trying to get back on the Blog Train....

Cindy Hill said...

I figured I have not excuse now to not be doing it. I need to try to do it!