Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Savannah asked today when the next Thanksgiving was going to be. She was disappointed to hear it was not going to be next week :) We enjoyed the day at my Brother's house with his family and my parents, Aunt and Uncle and Grandma. We had TONS of food (I think Brian calculated 42 pounds of meat, that is insane!) and a wonderful day. The day was actually a little chilly which was a nice change to most Thanksgivings we have had down here. Actually, most of November has been in the 60s as a high which I have really enjoyed. I did not take any pictures on Thanksgiving day so nothing to share :( But, I do have an interesting picture of what happens when I leave Brian alone with my laptop :) Actually, he was replacing the mouse which is a bit more detailed than doing so on a desktop computer. Thankfully everything went back together without any extra parts and even booted up the first time!

I did end up going out shopping today. My mom and I ended up heading out around 9 and got home around 2. I was able to finish up a couple of people and get a good start on Brian. Once I got home we went out and got a tree! Savannah was very excited. We like to buy our from a local nursery who gives you a coupon to get a free tree to plant. I am a little sad because we are discussing possibly getting a fake tree after Christmas this year. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without a real tree. I also do not particularly like the look of a fake tree but the prices are getting a little ridiculous. Also, I am pretty sure that they are really bothering Savannah and I with all of our allergies. Even Brian seems to have a hard time with it. So, we are discussing the idea of a fake tree. We'll see how it goes. After dinner we decorated the tree. We seem to have a new tradition of watching The Polar Express while decorating. It helps keep Savannah distracted when we are doing the not so fun parts like putting the lights on. As we go through the ornaments, she gets to hang up all of the non-breakable ones. So, the bottom half of the tree is full of the soft or metal ornaments we have and all the glass one are on the top :) It works out well, too, because the heavier ones end up at the top where the branches are stronger. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and Black Friday, if you participated.


Jaime said...

fun!! you're brave, letting Savannah help decorate. we still just do it ourselves after they go to bed. course, the fact that it's 3 feet off the ground might have something to do with that! ;)

fwiw, fake trees look better & better every year. and prelit is the way to go!!

4 Is More said...

Very pretty!!

We always had an artificial tree growing up. I think it was a lot rarer than as opposed to now, and it definitely looked MUCH worse!

steve and randel hambrick said...

your tree looks great!
we caved and went with artificial last year. (everyone but steve has allergies). i miss the real tree smell, but i dont miss the sticky part of a real tree, or the watering, or the dead needles falling off for the month.
i go to home depot and get fresh cut-off branches for decorating so that we can still get the smell, and this year i got fresh garland for the mantle and front door. so i feel like i'm not completely selling out!! :)
can't wait to hear what you decide to do!

Anonymous said...

I love your tree! Did you hear Eric's "Oh my gosh...he didn't??!!" comment when he saw your laptop? I figured that you could hear it all the way from SC :-).