Thursday, December 11, 2008

EA Kids Christmas Party

One of the new benefits of Brian moving to EA is that he is finally working for a company that is actually family friendly instead of just claiming to be. Last Friday Savannah and I got to visit Brian's job for a Christmas party they put on for the kids of the employees. There was cookie decorating, a visit with Santa, a gift from Santa, goodies to eat and it was even "snowing" out back.

After the festivities, we were able to go up to Brian's office and meet some of his co-workers. We got a tour around the building and Savannah got to see her "crush" Mr. Doug. Brian and Doug worked together at Highwinds and Savannah took an instant liking to him. So she is thrilled to able to see him again now that Brian and Doug are working together again. Savannah also enjoyed the arcade that EA has for their employees. She tried her hand at Ms. Pac-Man and enjoyed "driving" race cars in the Nascar game. She had a great time and I enjoyed getting to meet some of Brian's new co-workers and seeing his new office.


4 Is More said...

She looks like she is right at home! What a cool party.

Jaime said...

very cute dress!!!

Cindy Hill said...

I saw it at Kohl's about a month or so ago. Finally had an excuse to buy it :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the snow picture!! It sounds like a great party! Glad things are working out.